Ways to Remember To Use Your Gift Card

Women Holiday Gift Cards

You could tie a string around your finger, leave yourself a sticky note, or add it to your to-do list. But the truth is your gift card is probably collecting dust, having been cast aside for more pressing pursuits. Don’t leave money on the table by letting someone else’s largesse languish in a drawer.

Here are some practical ways to remind yourself to use up your bounty instead of letting it gather dust.

Create an expiration date. Make an absolute, gotta get-it-done date in your calendar for redemption of your gift card. This way, instead of procrastinating endlessly or simply forgetting about it altogether, you’ll have a prompt that spurs you to action.

Keep it in a can’t-miss spot.  Try taping it to your computer screen or storing it in the card pocket on your cell phone case or in your work badge ID pouch. Anyplace you can see your gift card front and center on a regular basis will keep it top-of-mind and less likely to be forgotten.

Give it to your bestie. If you’re having trouble finding something you want to cash your gift card in for, or you just keep forgetting to use it, give it to someone who knows what you really like. Your spouse, partner or best friend is likely to have an easier time picking out an indulgence for you then you will.

Let your card nudge you. If you store your card somewhere it’s unlikely to be ignored, you’re more likely to want to use it and be done with it. Try keeping it in your car’s cup holder, or attach to your key chain, or tape it to the front of your computer screen. If it’s slightly annoying, it’s got your attention and you’re more likely to crave the satisfaction of using it and moving on.

Use it ASAP. When you open the envelope, email or drawer where you first received or rediscovered your windfall, make it a habit to shop with it as soon as possible. A gift card is far more fun to actually use then to put away and subsequently forget about.