The spark for Gift Card Bank was ignited while I worked with food banks in the spring of 2020. As the pandemic ravaged the country, food banks were hit with a double-edged sword: rapidly increased demand while at the same time their operations were strained due to restrictions on in-person activity. I realized that sending gift cards to vulnerable families is a novel use of technology to ensure access to vital goods like food, clothing, and diapers.We help people like Shannon in Houston:“Last month, I actually ran out of food stamps and didn’t have anything left for groceries. Thanks to your gift card, I was able to buy food for the week. I am truly grateful. Thank you.” 

Gift cards can really make a difference for someone on the brink, and millions of Americans have spare gift cards lying around that they will never use. When I learned that over $3 billion in gift cards are lost or expire every year, it became my mission to get those gift cards into the hands of people who need some extra support to get by.

That’s where you come in! You can easily donate gift cards in less than 90 seconds on the Gift Card Bank site. We accept all kinds of gift cards, from major retailers and brands to local restaurants. With our national distribution network, we’ll be able to find someone deserving who would be deeply appreciative to receive the support.

After a summer of refining our technology and completing successful pilots with top tier corporate partners like Kroger and Albertsons, innovative food banks, and world class fintech companies, we are scaling up quickly. We have raised $6,000,000 in gift card value so far, and you can help us reach more people by using your gift cards for good today.