January 16, 2021: National USE YOUR GIFT CARD Day

National Use Your Gift Card Day, on January 16, 2021, exists to remind shoppers to use those gift cards you received at Christmas!   Are you saving your gift cards for something special or have you already forgotten you have them?  Did you know that billions of dollars in gift cards go unused every year?  That’s just crazy!!

Yes!  Go spend those gift cards that are in your wallets!  (I have a Target and a Starbucks gift card in my wallet right now!)

Read how gift cards can help us have a no-spend January!

National Use Your Gift Card Day

With $1 billion in gift cards going unspent each year, often forgotten in wallets, purses or desk drawers, National Use Your Gift Card Day offers a solution to this expensive problem. Like Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday, and others, National Use Your Gift Card Day benefits shoppers and merchants.

Popular brands that have already signed on to participate in this year’s National Use Your Gift Card Day include (if any retailers offer sales or specials I will let you know!):

“More than ever before, gift cards help shoppers buy items they want and need online as well as in-store,” said Tracy Tilson, founder of UseYourGiftCard.com™. “In addition to reminding consumers to use their gift cards, now more than ever we want to encourage them to use their unused gift cards for good.”

This year we have a new partner on National Use Your Gift Card Day where you can even donate leftover balances on gift cards with Gift Card Bank who accepts all kinds of gift cards, from major retailers and brands to local restaurants and with their national distribution network, they will be able to find someone deserving who would be deeply appreciative to receive the support. In a recent survey conducted by Black Hawk Network, 31% of respondents indicated that they were “interested in using gift cards and egifts for charity or kindness during this crisis, such as contributing to a gift card for a person or family in need.”

Curious how to get FREE gift cards?  Find out how to get FREE Amazon gift cards HERE!  I save them up all year long and use them on Christmas shopping!  It’s like Christmas shopping for FREE!

Don’t want to go to the store?  Use your gift cards online! 

Of course, Amazon gift cards can be used online!

No matter where you shop online today, be sure you use Swagbucks to get cashback on your purchase!

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