National Use Your Gift Card Day TOMORROW!


National Use Your Gift Card Day is TOMORROW!

Saturday, January 18th is a shopping holiday to get up, get out and use your gift cards in stores or online. That means right now is the time to look through your drawers, wallets and desks to find all the gift cards you may have squirreled away. Make an action plan for when you want to go, where you want to shop or eat, and how you’ll use your gift cards.

According to the National Retail Federation, a total of $27.5 billion during the holiday season was spent on gift cards, so chances are you’re among the millions of recipients of at least one gift card last month. Surprisingly though, $3 billion goes unspent on gift cards every year- ouch!

National Use Your Gift Card Day helps you remember to spend every gift card dollar and reminds you to Celebrate the Present™ you got from friends and family for the holidays. You can find deals and reminders from your favorite retailers and restaurants at

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