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Getting gift cards is great, but using them is even better. Look in your wallet, check through your drawers, search your emails, and think about where else you might have stowed your gift cards.  Collect all your gift cards, organize them and store them where you’ll remember to use them.  Above all, don’t let your gift cards sit around for months and years without being spent.  Any time is a good time to use your gift cards, but you can also find sales and deals to get the most timely use out of them too.  It’s simple: find your gift cards, organize your gift cards and most important – use your gift cards! In The News

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Don’t Throw Free Money Away…Use Your Gift Cards!

If you’re like most people… you probably have unused gift cards lying around that have been forgotten in wallets, purses or desk drawers. It’s a problem with a solution. For busy consumers, free online tools can be a time-saving solution to help consumers make the most of their gift cards with deals and offers – all in one place. Looking for tips to help you remember to use your gift card?

Maximize Using Your Gift Card

We all do it! We stash away gift cards with the idea in mind that there will be a better time to use them. Use Your Gift Card is your guide to using them effectively with tips and tricks year-round.

3 Simple Steps to Use Your Gift Card

Here are three ways to not let “free money” go to waste:

  • 1

    STEP 1

    Find all the unspent gift cards you may have stashed away somewhere.

  • 2

    STEP 2

    Make a shopping and dining plan to use them. Invite friends to join you!

  • 3

    STEP 3

    All done shopping and still have gift cards? Consider donating unused gift cards to charity.

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24 National Use Your Gift Card Day Deals

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