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Gift cards help shoppers buy items they want and need online as well as in-store,” said Megan Flanagan, Executive Director of the Retail Gift Card Association. “Whether consumers use their gift cards in shops and restaurants, or donate them to charity, the important thing is not to let gift cards go unused.”

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National Use Your Gift Card Day reminds consumers not to leave an estimated $15 billion in unused gift cards unspent. The national spending holiday for retailers and restaurants reminds consumers to check their wallets, dresser drawers, and purses for unused gift cards – and to get out (or go online) to spend them! Become part of the national conversation by having a special gift card offer for the Day or some already scheduled call-to-action for your gift cards, creating awareness and visibility.

According to “America’s newest shopping holiday…may be the most consumer-friendly of the bunch,” and consumers agreed. Joining the ranks of Cyber Monday, Shop Small Saturday and Black Friday, and in the last two years, National Use Your Gift Card Day garnered over 281.9 million media impressions leading up to and on the Day. With press coverage in national outlets and online sites including, CBS News, NBC News, Fox & Friends, NRF, The Real Deal and more.

National brands discovered that by creating a newsworthy call-to-action for the Day and the importance of redeeming unspent gift cards, they drove traffic and sales.

Studies show that overspending the amount of a gift card is the new normal. In 2018, consumers with gift cards spent an average of up to 35% more than the amount on the card. Gift cards continue to be a great way for businesses to drive sales and build brand loyalty.

National Use Your Gift Card Day® Participants
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Boost sales and build brand awareness on our website and through National Use Your Gift Card Day® offerings with direct links to your website.
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Gain major visibility through our national PR platform, which includes press releases, media pitches and social media channels.    

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Gain major visibility for your brand by becoming a participant.


Drive in-store and online traffic in an innovative way that re-energizes your brand through gift card use.


Enhance your customers’ experience with your brand by offering a special deal or coupon for anyone that uses a gift card to make a purchase.


Generate social media buzz and attract local and national media coverage.


Increase dollars spent beyond the amount of gift cards.

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