Americans Left $3 Billion In Gift Cards Unspent Last Year

Tracy Tilson • Founder

Our Mission

To remind consumers to use their gift cards – and get the most value from using them – before they get lost or go unused.

Billion Dollars Unused Gift Cards
Percent Spend More Than Gift Card Value
Percent Increase On Gift Card Purchases


– National Retail Federation (2019)

Because We All Forget…

“The Use Your Gift Card platform began with an “ah-ha” moment. I was going through an old wallet and found several gift cards that I had received over the last few holidays and simply forgotten. On top of that, I discovered gift cards that my sons had been given and ended up buried in desk drawers…all adding up to lots and lots of unspent dollars! I realized that if I’d forgotten mine, certainly many other people were forgetting to use their gift cards, too. I started thinking about reminders: how to remember to use these valuable gifts that friends and family spent their time and money to give! I decided to create National Use Your Gift Card Day, and build with the intention of reminding everyone to Use Your Gift Card!”

-Tracy Tilson, Founder of and National Use Your Gift Card Day

The Solution is dedicated to helping consumers maximize their gift cards with special deals and offers from restaurants and retailers — all in one place. That’s why we also created a “remember to use” day on the national calendar. National Use Your Gift Card Day™ will take place the third Saturday in January every year following the holidays when gift cards are on the top of wish lists.

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